Bobby Wilson, a comedian with the comedy troupe "The 1491s" asked potential Jane Sanders a question about her plans for the Native American youth.

Video: The 1491s’ Bobby Wilson Asks Jane Sanders About Native American Youth

Simon Moya-Smith

He’s popular, pleasant, and usually wearing wingtips.

Comedian Bobby Wilson, a member of the comedy troupe “The 1491s,” sat down with potential First Lady Jane Sanders, wife of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, last month during her visit to the Apache sacred site Oak Flat.

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Wilson, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, essentially asked Sanders what her plans will be as First Lady with regard to the well-being of Native American youths.

“As First Lady,” Wilson said, “we’ve noticed that Michelle Obama has created these really wonderful programs, and have given a lot of dialogue and a lot of voice to American Indian young people from all over this country, and I’m really — my biggest concern is that once [this] administration is over that all that hard work just kind of falls to the wayside once again, because honestly it took two whole terms for that even to happen, and it happened just in this last year, really.”

Listen to Sanders’s response below:

Simon Moya-Smith, Oglala Lakota, is the Culture Editor at Indian Country Today. Follow him @Simonmoyasmith.

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