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How Did I Miss That? Dolly Inhales; Alaska Natives Endorse

Steve Russell

KXTV reported from the Country Music Awards stage that Dolly Parton received the CMA’s Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award, and proved herself as adept as ever at double entendre.

“I mean, for Willie to have a high achievement award, I mean, how appropriate is that? Because he’s had some highs that border on historic…”

My cousin Ray Sixkiller wanted to know if Dolly and Willie are too old for that stuff?

Sheesh. I remember when they said “too young.” Sounds like they get you coming and going.

Oops. Stars and Stripes reported that a training flight from Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Detroit accidentally dropped six bombs and a missile on Oscoda County, in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. The errant ordinance was primed with smoke rather than explosives for the training mission.

Cousin Ray wanted to know if Willie was playing a USO concert at Selfridge?

The Associated Press reported that LaShadion Shemwell of McKinney, Texas, was found not guilty by an Arlington jury of disorderly conduct for failing to give up his AR-15 rifle during a protest over the fatal shooting of Christian Taylor, who was black, by a white police officer after Taylor was caught on video vandalizing a car dealership. After investigation, the rookie police officer who killed Taylor was fired for what Police Chief Will Johnson called “exercising poor judgment” but not charged with a crime.

Expecting a baby? There’s an app for that!

Becker’s Hospital Review reported that a London design agency, After the Flood, is testing 1-to-1, an app that puts a woman directly in contact with her midwife at all times.

The Asahi Shimbun (English edition) reported that a patient at Tokyo Medical University Hospital was severely burned during surgery when a laser instrument ignited an inconvenient fart. The thirty-something woman was burned all over her body from the waist down,

The infamous Clerk Who Won’t Work, Kim Davis of Rowan County, Kentucky is back in court contesting her obligation to pay the attorney fees of the people who had to sue her to make her do her job. The tab she ran up is so far $233,000 and counting.

The Tax Policy Center has posted a wizard on line that enables anybody to enter a rough description of their income tax situation and get a general idea of how the tax proposals of Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton would affect their tax bill. 

Reuters reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has granted Russian citizenship to action star Steven Seagal.

Seagal raised eyebrows when he performed in Crimea shortly after Russia annexed it.

In 2013, Putin did the same for French actor Gerard Depardieu, whose objective was to avoid French taxes. Reuters did not speculate on why Seagal wanted to be a Russian.

“When you figure that out,” Cousin Ray requested, “let me know why Donald Trump wants to be a Russian?”

The New York Times is offering a continuously updating graphic of what the polling data says about the odds of Trump or Clinton winning the presidency. It also has historical charts and state by state breakdowns

Cousin Ray could not resist a snicker about Trump’s Woman Problem, critical because his electoral base is white people.

Trump offended Latinos on the day he announced and then doubled down with his remarks about how Indiana-born Judge Gonzalo Curiel could not be fair because he’s “a Mexican.” He started without the black vote because of a long history of refusing to rent to black people in his real estate empire.

Staking everything on the white vote, he needs all of the white vote.

The latest skirmish in Trump’s xenophobic jihad involves one of the media pillars of the alt right, Breitbart, taking aim at an immigrant for helping refugees resettle in the U.S.

Hamdi Ulukaya is a Turkish Kurd who founded Chobani, the yogurt brand that brought the Greek version to national prominence. At the Chobani facilities in New York and Idaho, employees start above the minimum wage and receive help with language issues and transportation and paid parental leave.

Chobani was started with an $800,000 loan from the Small Business Administration. It now employs over 300 people. The alt right echo chamber is promoting a boycott of Chobani yogurt because the company employs refugees.

The Crusader has endorsed Trump. It calls itself “The Premier Voice of the White Resistance” and claims to be the official journal of the KKK.

Earlier in the campaign, Trump was slow to denounce former Grand Wizard David Duke, but this time Trump’s campaign rejected The Crusader right away.

Esquire published an article titled, “How Do You Get David Duke to Leave Your Party?” in which it was reported that Duke uses hats that proclaim “Vote for Duke and Trump!”

Republican Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois, currently in a serious fight for re-election, took his campaign into the tunnel underneath the low road when he attacked his opponent, Rep. Tammy Duckworth, over her claim that her family’s military service record shows an unbroken chain of citizen soldiers going all the way back to the American Revolution. Kirk responded:

I’d forgotten that your parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington.

Duckworth’s mother, Lamai, is actually Chinese, although her parents married in Thailand. Her late father’s family roots do go back to the Revolution.

Duckworth herself was piloting a Black Hawk helicopter, call sign Mad Dog 06, in support of the fight for Fallujah, when her side of the chopper was hit by an enemy RPG, blowing off both of her legs and the controls she needed to land.

Her co-pilot managed to bring the Black Hawk to a controlled crash landing. The crash site was soon surrounded by enemy forces and was taking fire, but another chopper from her mission landed under fire and evacuated the unconscious Duckworth. She was sedated for medical reasons and woke up at Walter Reed not understanding her legs were gone.

Fitted with prosthetic legs, Duckworth pursued a medical waiver and returned to active duty with the Illinois Air National Guard. Capt. Duckworth was discharged as Lt. Col. Duckworth. Since getting shot down she earned Scuba certification, a civilian pilot’s license, and she completed the Chicago Marathon (wheelchair division).

The Trump campaign has been sending me emails touting its “black card,” which can be “activated” for various amounts donated and does everything the Trump “gold card” would do in addition to certifying I was with Trump to the end.

What does the gold card do that the black card matches? Nothing.

Washington Post writer Dana Milbank stepped into a Trump trap and took a hit for the team when he authorized $49 on his credit card that was supposed to get his name on a bronze plaque in Trump Tower. The charge went right though but there was no acknowledgment and no brass plaque.

No tears for Milbank. In the very column where he complained was this paragraph:

An investigation by USA Today earlier this year found 60 lawsuits and hundreds of liens, judgments and other government filings involving people who have accused Trump and his businesses of failing to pay them. The aggrieved include 48 waiters, dozens of bartenders and hourly workers, real estate brokers, a glass company, a carpet company, painters — even law firms that defended him against charges that he stiffed those he owed. The paper found 24 violations of labor law for failing to pay overtime or the minimum wage, and liens filed by more than 200 contractors and employees who provided plumbing, electrical and HVAC work and the like.

That doesn’t count stiffing a pollster, Tony Fabrizio, or his former communications advisor, Michael Caputo. Or the three little girls who danced at his rallies as the “USA Freedom Kids.” Free to get in line to get paid.

Cousin Ray suggested that Trump’s plan for dealing with the national debt is getting clearer.

It was already odd that polling in Texas shows Clinton within striking distance. Now it’s Alaska, which has voted Democratic only once since statehood.

First, the Alaska Federation of Natives endorsed a candidate for the first time in their 50 year history—Clinton.

People began to notice that lots of Alaskans have college degrees and Trump does not do well with college educated voters. Then both Trump and the Libertarian failed to turn in copy for the state voter guide on time. Now, the polls in Alaska, like Texas, are showing a horserace.

The Alaska Natives smoked out an Indian fighter, saying in the AFN endorsement that to elect Trump would be “to elect a president who will lead our federal government down the path of marginalizing Native Americans and dramatically weakening the special trust relationship between Native Americans and the federal government, putting at risk all the gains we have achieved in our lifetime.”

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