This Weekend: Standing Rock Ceremonies & Monument Quilt for Survivors of Rape & Abuse

This Weekend: Standing Rock Ceremonies & Monument Quilt for Survivors of Rape & Abuse

Vincent Schilling

In honor of the survivors of rape, abuse and sexual harassment and in an effort to heal and raise awareness about the parallels between the abuse of Kunsi/Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth) and Women – the Kik Ta / Wake Up: Healing Circle for Survivors of Rape and Abuse event will be a 4-day series of workshops, healing circles and other activities to include several honoring ceremonies for survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual harassment and activities related to the ongoing creation of a Monument Quilt.

Specific events will take place this weekend at Standing Rock’s Oceti Sakowin Camp Community Tent. The gatherings and activities will include Monument Quilt making workshops, healing circles, a Winyan (women) networking gathering, a viewing of the Monument Quilt and an honoring ceremonies for survivors of rape, harassment and abuse.

As an on-going collection of stories from survivors of rape and abuse, the The Monument Quilt has thus far collected over 1,700 storied sections, that serves as a reminder that survivors of rape, harassment and abuse are publicly supported, not shamed.

In a release from Graci Horne (Sisseton Wahpeton/ Hunkpapa) and Rebecca Nagle (Cherokee Nation) co-directors of the Monument Quilt Project, women are honored in story as sacred and should be recognized as such during the weekend’s events in Standing Rock.

“As told by our Elders, Women have the gift to give life like Wi (Sun) and Kunsi Maka (Grandmother Earth.) It is widely known that our bodies hold the same amount of Mni Wiconi (Water of Life) as Kunsi Maka and the sacred cottonwood tree. When a spirit enters this world, they come through Mni Wiconi. This is why Women are the caregivers of Mni Wiconi.,” Horne and Nagle write in the release.

“Women are sacred beings and have also been put into precarious situations since the dawn of the Industrial Age. When women are not protected, abused, exploited, or neglected, as a people we are on a path of self destruction. When Women are not empowered, it means our current system is not working in harmony with Kunsi Maka.

“Our traditional Lakota/Nakota/Dakota belief says that we mirror Kunsi Maka with what is above, it so below. Kunsi Maka has been faced with femicide and Mni Wiconi has endeared a future of uncertainty and contamination. Our current state of abuse and neglect of Women is in essence the reflection of both Kunsi Maka and Mni Wiconi. For the contingency of our Children, it is important to come to a point of change and to also recognize that Woman, Kunsi Maka, and Mni Wiconi are interconnected. We must bring all three back into harmony.”

The events begin today and will continue through Sunday.

COMPLETE SCHEDULE: November 24th-27th, 2016

Thursday November 24th

11:30am-1pm and 2-3:30pm: Quilt making

6pm: Healing circle

Friday November 25th

11:30am-1pm and 2-3:30pm: Quilt making

6pm Healing circle

Saturday November 26th

11:30am-1pm: Quilt making

1pm: Layout Monument Quilt

2pm: “NOT ALONE” Quilt viewing. Stories from survivors of rape and abuse stitched,
written and painted onto red fabric will be on display to create public space
where survivors are supported, not shamed.

3:30pm: Survivors walk into sacred fire together

4pm: Honoring for Survivors: speakers, moment of silence, and prayer

6pm: Final healing circle

Sunday November 27th

11am: Exit ceremony/ Winyan Networking time


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