Featured Photo: Indigenous ‘Dignity’ Towers Over Missouri River

Featured Photo: Indigenous ‘Dignity’ Towers Over Missouri River



Travelers on I-90 will see quite the site after crossing the Missouri River after coming through Chamberlain, South Dakota. The serene landscape is interrupted by a 50-foot tall, stainless steel sculpture of a Lakota girl. With her shawl open to the wind, she dances upon a bluff.

To safely stop and take a look there is a rest area off of exit 264, where onlookers can take pictures, and view the sculpture by Dale Lamphere up close. About “Dignity,” Lamphere said: “There’s also a process of giving deeply enough to bring it to life. I have to fall in love with that person I am trying to draw out. It’s a birthing … you’re bringing something to life … it’s coming out of you … and it’s painful.”

To read more about the project, click the link below:

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This image was featured in this week’s Indian Country Today  Media Network newsletter.

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