Courtesy San Diego Zoo Safari Park
Wonderful news! Imani’s baby girl has completed her treatment for pneumonia and is showing great improvement. She’s even bottle-feeding now.

How Did I Miss That? Baby Gorilla Survives C-Section; Indispensable Duct Tape

Steve Russell

The San Diego Zoo announced on March 13 that Imani, 18, was too long in labor with her first baby. Even though no veterinarians on the zoo staff had experience, they decided after consulting with (human) neonatal specialists from the University of California-San Diego Medical Center to attempt a C-section. Good call. She’s a baby girl of the species G.g. gorilla, a critically endangered western lowland gorilla, full term at 4.6 pounds. Not yet named, the newborn had a collapsed lung at birth, and she has been treated for pneumonia.


El Paso Inc. reported that Emily García, who got ten years probation seven months ago for stealing $200,000 from the El Paso Boys and Girls Club, has paid only $50 toward restitution and performed nothing toward 200 hours of community service ordered. García said she hadn’t paid because thieves have a hard time finding work but didn’t have much to say about why she lacked free time to begin community service. The judge sent her to jail for 10 days to think about it. My Cousin Ray Sixkiller asked me if I miss being a full time judge? No.

KAUZ reported that Jerry Joe Garza, 40, on trial in Wichita Falls for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, repeatedly disrupted the proceedings, leading presiding Judge Barney Fudge to order Garza’s mouth duct-taped shut. Cousin Ray accused me of using this item so I could mention the judge’s name. No. I am demonstrating another of the many uses for duct tape.


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