Video: Man on the Street: Do Native Americans Pay Taxes?

Vincent Schilling

Considering Washington, D.C. is the mecca for federal policy and the staple of all things related to national policy, Indian Country Today Media Network’s Man on the Street Vincent Schilling traveled to Washington, D.C. to ask the burning eternal question unknown to so many: “Do Native Americans Pay Taxes?”

The simple answer is yes, but what do individuals in D.C. who might not be associated with any American Indians think? Some of the answers may surprise you.

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Submitted by CJKlepper on
Just last year I was shocked to read about the Navajo Nations having to pay higher sales taxes than some urban areas. It seems like the people of the Navajo Nations have to pay extra for somethings that they would be better off buying them in border towns. What I like to know is where are these additional taxes going to? Does the extra percentage charged go to the Navajo Nation or does it go to other entities?