Man Crush Monday, Pt 1 (of 4): The Native James Bond, Martin Sensmeier

Gyasi Ross

One of the implicit job duties of being a writer is that you’re actually supposed to have something interesting to say.  That’s hard for me sometimes because I’m a pretty boring guy—I like to hang out with my kid and family, watch Kung Fu Hustle and play Rygar, Super Dodgeball and Baseball Stars on Nintendo. 

Boring stuff.

One of the things that writers are supposed to do then is to FIND interesting subject matter—events that people care about.  That’s cool—we get to go to cool events. One of the really cool things too is that we have an excuse to meet really interesting people.  It’s much easier to go up to someone and get to know them under the auspices of “Hey, you’re pretty cool and I wanna write something about you…” instead of just “Hey, I’ve been watching you.”

That’s just creepy. 

This “Man Crush Monday” is a series that I’ve been wanting to do for some time, but honestly just didn’t have the balls to do. I’ve been wanting to highlight and just UNABASHEDLY gush about a few brothers that were absolutely amazing, and there’s really no other way to describe my fondness for them other than to call it what it is—a “man-crush.”  But, that just sounds…somehow. And that’s absolutely cool to sound “somehow” if I were indeed somehow…but I’m not somehow!


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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I will definitely do what little I can to help this young man. I think I might also write a letter to our local film society (they typically show new, or foreign film in a small theater here) to support this too. I also spend enough time on YouTube, so I'll turn some friends onto the movie trailer.

StuntShark's picture
Submitted by StuntShark on
I love hearing about men who mentor kids and are positive role models for them. Martin seems like an awesome guy, a role model for Native Americans, but also for all boys of every ethnicity and nationality. He's fit, he's a stand-up guy, a man of integrity and decency who wants to help his people, especially the children. He's awesome and I wish him all the success in the world. I'll happily support his endeavors in any way I can, like sharing his film on FB. Thanks for the heads up. BTW, you sound like a stand up guy, too. I'm going to check out your other writings and follow you on Twitter. Keep doing what you're doing, too.

Maria Seager
Maria Seager
Submitted by Maria Seager on
Added your post to my Facebook pages and to my twitter account. I hadn't been watching Salem but I'll start and now I am off to you tube to watch the film trailer.

Daniel Tregant
Daniel Tregant
Submitted by Daniel Tregant on
JUST the womens pulses? I'm sure there are some men who feel the same...

Tamar Raymond
Tamar Raymond
Submitted by Tamar Raymond on
Wow this is my first Monday man crush. Thank you Martin for changing my perception of what a Monday meant to me. I'm very excited to see our own media network, and many blessings.