Feds Prepare for an Attack on Indian Country. Or Not?

Steve Russell

Correction: The original version of this article stated that Gov. Abbott had mobilized the Texas National Guard to maintain surveillance of federal troops. In fact, he mobilized the Texas State Guard. We regret the error.

The southwestern United States, including great swaths of Indian country, is about to be attacked by ISIS, and the federal government will use the attack as an excuse to declare martial law and lock up all true American patriots. Proof of federal intent, according to the tinfoil hat brigade of the Internet, is a dress rehearsal for the operation called Jade Helm 15. If ISIS and the federal government attacking freedom lovers at the same time is not enough, it appears that Wal-Mart is in on the plot.

Jade Helm 15 is, if you choose to be taken in by the cover story offered by the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, a training operation slated to run for two months with Texas, Utah, and part of Southern California designated “hostile” territory. The rest of California, Nevada and Colorado are “friendly” territory, with Arizona and New Mexico up for grabs, New Mexico leaning hostile and Arizona leaning friendly.

Texas is home to the biggest training base for armor in the U.S. at Ft. Hood, so it is often involved in complex war games, some of which get off of federal property. An exercise put on by Special Operations Command in 2013 at a closed school in the Houston area caused a localized panic on the level of the national panic over War of the Worlds in 1938, when Orson Welles accidentally convinced a national audience that space aliens had invaded us.

Of course, some people believe space aliens in fact invaded us in 1938 and they have just gone undercover. These are probably the same people who currently believe that the Jade Helm 15 “training exercise” is a cover for ISIS and Wal-Mart to take over the country in collusion with the U.S. Army.

GOP Governor Greg Abbott has called up the Texas State Guard to keep the feds from coming in black helicopters to take Texans away to the FEMA camps under the false flag of Jade Helm. Like his predecessor and current presidential candidate Rick Perry, who claimed falsely that Texas retained a right to secede in its annexation treaty, Gov. Abbott is either history challenged or is putting on a show for the rubes.

Gov. Perry was apparently innocent of the fact that the Texas Annexation Treaty, which did not contain a secession right anyway, was never ratified by the Senate.  Texas was annexed by joint congressional resolution.

Gov. Abbott is apparently innocent of the history of state authorities applying military force against the federal government. An early instance was the 1800 elections, when the Federalist Party claimed that failure of the House to anoint a winner in time meant that Federalist John Adams was still president.  Pennsylvania and Virginia mobilized their militias, but the Federalists blinked and declared Thomas Jefferson the winner before any shooting.

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There was major shooting between federal and state forces in the Civil War and more U.S. citizens killed than in any other U.S. war. The Civil War ended badly for the military forces of the rebel states. The primary effect of the Civil War on Indian country was to hand a temporary advantage to the Plains Indians when most of the Blue Coats had to leave to fight the Gray Coats. The effect on the Cherokee Nation was to tear it apart as badly as the Removal had, since many well to do Cherokees had taken up the colonial practice of chattel slavery.

In modern times, 1957, Democratic Governor Orval Faubus of Arkansas mobilized his National Guard to resist federal enforcement of Brown v. Board of Education. In response to lines of troops with fixed bayonets deployed to keep children from going to school, Republican President Dwight Eisenhower federalized the Arkansas National Guard, sent the Guard troops home, and deployed the Screamin’ Eagles, the storied 101st Airborne, to turn the bayonets and use them to keep mobs of racists at bay.

As President Eisenhower did, President Obama has the authority to federalize the Texas National Guard and send them home if they should interfere with Jade Helm 15, the vast conspiracy to marry the power of the feds to the power of Wal-Mart and destroy democracy from the inside as ISIS attacks from the outside. Everybody knows President Obama is sympathetic to ISIS. However, the Texas State Guard may not be federalized. That does not make deploying state forces against federal forces a tenable idea, given the history.

SHTF, a website named for a common expression of what “hits the fan,” published a letter purporting to be from a Texas Ranger who insisted on being anonymous. The “Ranger” claimed ISIS is present in Texas, having crossed over the Mexican border, and is plotting an attack on the homeland. He suggests the Pantex nuclear facility near Amarillo as a probable first target.

At the same time ISIS is about to assault Texas, the “Ranger” claims, “There are trains moving throughout Texas that have shackles inside some of the cars.” Jewish Shoah survivors and the descendants of Goyaałé’s (Geronimo’s) Chircahua Apache band could tell the “Ranger” that when you put people in a cattle car, shackles are not necessary.

However they intend to control the locals, the map of Jade Helm 15 makes it appear highly unlikely that the exercise could be conducted without physical encroachment on tribal land, since the staging area includes the Navajo, the Hopi, several Apache bands, the Alabama-Coushatta, the Traditional Kickapoo, the Tohono O’Odham, several California Indian Rancherias and all the Rio Grande Pueblos.

Dave Hodges, who is either the Paul Revere or the Soupy Sales of the domestic militia movement, depending on your point of view, claims, “Jade Helm and Wal-Mart are inextricably linked.”  There is another map circulating of all the Wal-Marts that have recently closed, which the Internet pundits claim mark “staging areas” for the Department of Homeland Security to lock up dissidents after ISIS attacks.

Most reservations have already experienced invasion by Wal-Mart, running all the mom and pops out of business and becoming the go-to shopping destination first because Chinese wages make it cheaper and then because it’s the only choice.

If the Internet echo chamber is correct, then the many Indian nations within the Jade Helm staging area will have an opportunity to throw off the shackles of Wal-Mart and also of the United States. When the shooting starts later this year, it’s going to be pretty confusing with firearms deployed by ISIS, Wal-Mart, the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. military, and now by the Texas State Guard. The colonists have not been so divided since the Civil War, so freedom is within our grasp if we can avoid the crossfire.

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Jade Helm had better not be disregarded. Operation Jade Helm will run between July 15 – September 15, 2015. Official documents state that it involves more than 1200 special operations military personnel from every branch of the military. Facts suggest that a major economic crash - the worst in US history - is coming: In desperate times people will obviously do desperate things. Where there is enough smoke, there is fire. Search on "Jade Helm" on YouTube; check the shows from and other sources. Military Generals and other military sources are warning that the operation may turn live in Sept. Please do not ignore what is unfolding. Time is short. Learn from history. Economic crashes are happening around the globe and the chicken is now coming home to roost.