Caption: Four of the 5 designs for sustainable housing for the Fort Peck reservation, presented by Make It Right Foundation last year.

Brad Pitt’s Promise of Free Homes on Fort Peck Underway, But With a Cost

Vincent Schilling

In 2011, Brad Pitt – on behalf of his Make it Right Foundation made a promise to the Fort Peck Indian Reservation that his non-profit would build 20 environmentally friendly homes at no cost to the Fort Peck Community.

Though Pitt stated the homes would be free, a reported $600,000 was fronted by Fort Peck tribal leaders and a plethora of problems continued to rear their heads in the face of developing the homes. In addition to sewage and land infrastructure problems, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also weighed in on the project – adding to the series of delays.

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With all said, Taylor Royle, Communications Director of the Make it Right Foundation informed ICTMN, that the homes are on their way to finally being completed after several years of frustrating delays.

“Our first 10 homes are currently under construction and should be completed in July. We expect the remaining 10 homes (20 total) to be completed in the fall,” wrote Royle in an email to ICTMN.

“Infrastructure requirements and an EPA report did delay our construction start – but the project is on track now and we are looking forward to completing our work in Fort Peck this year,” he wrote.

Fort Peck Tribal Councilman A.T. “Rusty” Stafne told ICTMN that the houses were indeed being built and was relieved to see the homes in the construction phase of development.

“Some council members are going to take a look at them now. They are looking pretty good now, but for a while they did not,” Stafne said.

Stafne also told ICTMN that the Fort Peck tribal officials had not yet made a decision as to who would receive the houses or under what requirements. He did say the response was a big one and that tribal members were definitely interested.

“We’ve had about 125 applicants so far to get these homes,” Stafne said.

According to Royle, the Make it Right Foundation is looking forward to completion of the homes and will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony in the near future to celebrate the opening.

Editor's Note: According to USA Today, as of June 17, 4 houses have been installed.

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