Photos provided by UIHS
The traditional baskets stolen from UIHS Potawot Health Village in Arcata, CA.

100-Year-Old Baskets Stolen From Health Services Building


On May 14, there was a break-in at the United Indian Health Services (UIHS) building at Potawot Health Village, 1600 Weeot Way in Arcata, California. Nine traditional baskets were stolen from a display case.

"These baskets were provided to UIHS by the Stebbins Family for permanent display for our community to honor," UIHS said in a release. "They are estimated to be from early 1900s. These traditional items are priceless, and have been at UIHS since 2003. The baskets are a part of heritage, our values, and our traditions. We are committed to putting forth all efforts in finding and returning these items back to UIHS."

UIHS adds that a reward will be offered for the return of the baskets. Anyone with information should contact Sherri Provolt, CEO, at 707-825-5000.

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