Listen Up! 50 Provocative #DearNonNatives Tweets


The hashtag #DearNonNatives has exploded on Native Twitter over the last 24 hours. The voices of Natives are speaking loudly and clearly, and what they have to say is provocative, important, and occasionally funny. If you've got choice thoughts that you feel non-Natives really need to hear, join the conversation here: #DearNonNatives hashtag on Twitter.  

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Below is just a small sampling of the #DearNonNatives phenomenon. For maximum inclusion, we limited the selection to two tweets per person, but some people have been tearing it up with dozens of #DearNonNatives tweets. Nobody moreso than Brooksita ‏@MahpiyaWaciWin, who initiated the tag.

Brooksita ‏@MahpiyaWaciWin
#DearNonNatives:  The "No one is talking about Natives" headlines are bullshit. Here's the truth ---> "No one listens to Natives"

Johnnie Jae ‏@johnniejae
#Dearnonnatives stop financially supporting & justifying the racism perpetrated against natives by celebrities, professional sports, etc.

tipicreepin'humor ‏@tpcreepinhumor
#DearNonNatives rent is due

Brittany Ann ‏@brittanythestar
#DearNonNatives stop taking our sacred things. Take off the war bonnets.

Robohontas ‏@robohontas
#DearNonNatives Your obsession with Native "authenticity" has got to stop. We are both traditional AND contemporary.

MorningStar Angeline ‏@starshineexx
#DearNonNatives do not buy NA "inspired" clothing/accessories/décor - buy NA "made". Support NA artists in traditional art & new. SUPPORT NA

Native #'s ‏@Native_Hashtags
#DearNonNatives get a clue.

Johnnie Jae ‏@johnniejae  
#dearNonNatives Indian Country is small & we know our people. If you claim a nation that is not yours, your lie will be exposed.

Shawn J ‏@Evolving 
#DearNonNatives quit coming into Aboriginal spaces and using the word "should".

Kevin Carter ‏@wapimaskwa69  
#DearNonNatives Indigenizing education does not mean lowering the bar. We can do it.

Brittany Ann ‏@brittanythestar  
#DearNonNatives stop calling me Pocahontas and a Chief's daughter or an Indian princess. I'm a Lakota Wíŋyaŋ get it right.

ohoyo humma ‏@Alhakofi  
#DearNonNatives Contrary to popular belief, most of us don't get our panties in a wad over Indian vs. Native American.

Simon Moya-Smith ‏@SimonMoyaSmith  
#DearNonNatives who claim to be Native so you can chime in on Indian-related topics w/ that sense of smug entitlement ... we see you. ;)

Wamblí Oka'sa Wín ‏@ravenzieglerrr  
#DearNonNatives Blood quantum perpetuates the extermination of indigenous people

unreserved ‏@unsuperjay  
#DearNonNatives please accept this knowledge-ridden blanket. It shall shield you from the centuries of your cold, bitter ignorance.

.:.Mags.:. ‏@Creekleo  
#DearNonNatives You can't buy citizenship at the Indian Store.

Donovan Pete ‏@dvnpete  
#DearNonNatives, breeds are designations for animals, not humans.

Donovan Pete ‏@dvnpete 
#DearNonNatives, some of our histories and stories may not be written but we live with them everyday.

Twyla ‏@Indigenia  
#DearNonNatives Don't touch my guy's long hair. That's a BIG NO-NO unless you're his wife, sis, or mom.

Kevin Carter ‏@wapimaskwa69  
#dearnonnatives thank you for poutine

Coya Hope ‏@coyahope  
#DearNonNatives Until America acknowledges & is accountable to the genocide of native people, it remains a country built on blood & lies.

RezGirl ‏@PeaceofDawn  
#DearNonNatives When I refuse to talk abt ceremonies or certain convos within my community, respect that it's not for your consumption.

heatherfeather ‏@Heather28df  
#DearNonNatives please don't dress up as "Indians" for Halloween. We are people, not costumes.

Dani ‏@xodanix3  
#DearNonNatives stop perpetuating erasure by dismissing Native/Indigenous issues as "left wing" or "liberal".

Lomapukya Lomahquahu ‏@OrvalElliott  
#DearNonNatives We are human, too.

fancy bebamikawe ‏@FancyBebamikawe 
#DearNonNatives stop saying "but you don't look native" when your point of reference is Disney

NDN potato ‏@vegtaco  
#DearNonNatives u dont get to label me as sensitive or say I'm overreacting when u use my culture as a costume&perpetuate racist stereotypes

Cante Zuyawin ‏@CanteZuyawin 
#DearNonNatives Just because you are/white/brown/black does not mean you are allowed to talk over us about our own issues

Shauna McLeod ‏@Shauna_j_mcleod 
#DearNonNatives not all natives have a land base... Because you know, you're living on it.

tipicreepin'humor ‏@tpcreepinhumor  
#DearNonNatives Native Americans are the only U.S. minority group that must legally prove its minority status (race).

Dusty ‏@N8tvRomeo40  
#dearnonnatives you have no rhythm

KJ ‏@ItazipcoLakota  
#DearNonNatives When you police  & tell a tribal community about what is best for them, that is paternalism. You're equating us to children.

Severamente Xingona ‏@EsaIndigena 
#DearNonNatives questioning whether a black ndn is in fact ndn is racist. you don't get to play "gatekeeper" for our community.

Arielle ‏@AriellaOceana  
#DearNonNatives We greeted the colonizers with gifts & knowledge...they in return uprooted us, kept us captive, or killed us.

heatherfeather ‏@Heather28df 
#DearNonNatives please don't ever ask how much casino money I receive. My tribe & most don't own casinos.

Octopus&Scrabble ‏@IAmMichelae  
#DearNonNatives native people don't owe you a thank you for reservations. Your grandparents poached this land. You don't get a cookie

Sunny Clifford ‏@SunnyClifford  
#DearNonNatives stop assuming I'm smoking marijuana when you smell my sage burning.

Dani ‏@xodanix3  
#dearnonnatives colonizers had good intentions with every genocide policy. Think about that when you use good intentions as a justification.

fancy bebamikawe ‏@FancyBebamikawe  
#DearNonNatives you don't need to tell me all the natives you know, reserves you visited, gross stereotypes you grew up with. I'm good.

NDN potato ‏@vegtaco 
#DearNonNatives every tribe & nation is different. You can't sum up any Native culture based on the stereotypes you've been taught

Cante Zuyawin ‏@CanteZuyawin  
#DearNonNatives Yes you are settlers. All of you. Ppl benefit unequally from settler privilege but you're still on stolen/occupied land.

Tonisha Lynn Begay ‏@askanative  
#DearNonNatives your turquoise jewelry doesn't make you an automatic ally

Ranco ‏@RancoLaw  
#DearNonNatives -what you think of as "Indian music" from sporting events and old movies IS NOT NATIVE MUSIC. It's Hollywood BS.

Neasa Seneca ‏@rezdreams  
#DearNonNatives  I don't hate you for what your ancestors did or didn't do. I just want you to acknowledge all the benefits you get from it

Octopus&Scrabble ‏@IAmMichelae 
#DearNonNatives quit teaching lies about native people being savages. We know who scalped who

TS Willis ‏@StarkeRaving  
#DearNonNatives Do not call me "Princess" or automatically assume that I am hyper-sexual because I am Indigenous.

Severamente Xingona ‏@EsaIndigena  
#DearNonNatives don't ask why we don't speak our original language/s then get "hurt" when the answer is because of you.

RezGirl ‏@PeaceofDawn  
#DearNonNatives Please do not call me "Sioux." I prefer Oceti Sakowin or Oglala Lakota.

aubs ‏@AubryElerick  
#DearNonNatives (police) stop shooting us, we are of few numbers as it is

Brooksita ‏@MahpiyaWaciWin
#DearNonNatives: Listen

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