The Party's Over: Good Democrats Don't Follow the DNC

Harold Monteau

I am greatly disappointed by the actions of the Democratic National Committee of late. The DNC is not supposed to be a Super Pac for one candidate. But they sure have been one sided in support of the establishment candidate. I guess we can’t be surprised knowing that the person running it used to be (and maybe still is) one candidate’s campaign director.

I’m receiving a lot of criticism from some of my peers, especially Native women, for “bashing” Hillary. Facts are not bashing. Any candidate should be willing to answer to facts about their professional conduct and actions. Yes, I do support Bernie Saunders and I do hope he gets the nomination, but if he does not, I will vote for Hillary. She is definitely not my first choice and I certainly won’t be bullied into not sharing my opinion. I’m doing what every good Democrat should do, and that is to not follow the DNC blindly. And I certainly won’t vote for Hillary just because she is a woman. Yes, it would be a nice achievement and advancement for this country to be led by a woman, but I don’t think this is the time. This is the time to take our country and its government back from the billionaires and their Wall Street minions.

It is a fact that the Clintons have earned over $150 million in personal income from speaking fees and much of it from Wall Street and corporations. Perhaps some of it was paid to their foundation, but it certainly has put the Clintons in an elite income bracket.

It is a fact that Hillary, between the time she left the State Department and now, has been paid roughly $30 million in speaking fees from the Wall Street bankers and corporations and industry organizations. That is personal income. Not donations to her Super Pac. No one in their right mind is going to believe that “she can’t be bought” and that she can follow through to any great degree to fix Wall Street. She cannot bite the hand that feeds her and then expect their support for re-election. That is reality. Let’s be realistic on that account.

I don’t like that she has vowed to continue President Obama’s legacy and policies because his was and is a Wall Street administration. Unfortunately, it is little known that the Obama Administration has had dozens of Wall Street appointees serving in the 1st and 2nd tier positions. These people came from the same banks and corporations that put us in a “recession” and robbed the middle class and the working poor of what little savings and assets we had. Then, to avoid a depression and to avoid the crash of the to-big-to-fail banks and investment insurers, they robbed us again by using our tax money to bail those people out. People don’t know that Eric Holder’s law firm represented some of those banks before he was Attorney General and that he went right back out the White House door to again join the firm and represent those banks again. He also pretty much refused to press for criminal charges against the key figures from Wall Street who lead the culture of greed that caused the recession.

I do not think that the poor and former middle class, which is now the new working class, can afford another eight years of Wall Street administration. I know we cannot continue to have a White House and a Congress that are so beholding to the billionaires and their Wall Street minions that there is no political will to pass more than lip service on real reforms.

Yes, I did work in President Clinton’s administration as a political appointee and Hillary may have been responsible for that appointment. And, yes I understand that President Clinton signed the repeal of Glass-Stegall which was passed after the last depression to prevent corporate monopolies and to prevent banks from becoming ‘too big to fail.’ My gratefulness for the appointment does not outweigh my desire, maybe duty, as a lifelong Democrat, to see the people take their government back from the billionaires and their Wall Street minions.

I will continue to champion Bernie. I will continue to let people know the facts with regard to Secretary Clinton’s alliance with Wall Street. I will continue to support the young voters (18-45 is young to me) who are supporting Bernie in droves because they want to fix a system that we have broken. I will not blindly follow the DNC. Establishment politics and partisanship created the mess we are in because of the blind following of the elite in both political parties. I will challenge anyone who calls the young Democrats “immature,” “inexperienced,” “uninformed,” “dreamers,” “delusional” and “unrealistic.”

We all need to get a clue, especially the DNC and their elite delegates, that it is the younger generations who will fix what we have so terribly messed up. Lastly, I will vote for Secretary Clinton—if she is the nominee.

Harold Monteau is a Chippewa Cree Attorney and Economic Development Consultant living in New Mexico and has written for Indian Country Today throughout his career.

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Sammy7's picture
My viewpoint is different. As the rings of time untime turn, there are forces in place that will play themselves out. These forces are beyond the capacity of an American President to control. The teachings of our Traditional Elders are best suited to guide us, coupled with prayers for guidance to Spirit. We are spirit beings and our destiny lies in the realm of Spirit. Ours is to be respectful and prayerful and in right relationship with our relatives.