Courtesy Oklahoma City University
OCU President Robert Henry, pictured fifth from the left, dances with a group of Native Americans during a powwow April 2 in the Freede Wellness and Activity Center after he was named an honorary member of the Kiowa Tribe. Henry donated the cash collection from the ceremony to OCU’s Native American Society and Native American Scholars, and the powwow drummers. Pictured, from left, are Bruce Ceasar, Patterson Tahdooahnippah, Butch Tahah, William Tonemah, Henry, David Wilson, Bud Sahmaunt and Ron Sahmaunt.

Oklahoma City University President Named Honorary Kiowa Member


Oklahoma City University President Robert Henry was inducted as an honorary member of the Kiowa Tribe at the OCU Native American Society Powwow on April 2.

Kiowa Elder Bud Sahmaunt, former athletic director for Oklahoma City University, and Trustee David Wilson, conference superintendent of the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, helped induct Henry.

“I am deeply honored to be named an honorary Kiowa,” Henry said, “and to be recommended by Kiowa and OCU legend Dr. Bud Sahmaunt makes the honor even more special.”

During the ceremony, Henry read Kiowa poet N. Scott Momaday’s prayer from “In the Bear’s House.” 

“We can all learn from the altruism of our great Indian nations, especially those in Oklahoma. As our greatest historian Dr. Angie Debo noted, the tribes have a ‘genius for collective effort.’”

Momaday previously wrote a poem honoring Henry titled “To a Man Among Us,” which Sahmaunt read at the ceremony.

The powwow, which helps signal the start of national powwow season, is an annual event that celebrates OCU’s commitment to Oklahoma’s American Indians.

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