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Who’s Gonna Build Your Wall? Video Goes Viral in Texas

Steve Russell

“It’s a pyramid scheme, a dirty job – who’s going to build your wall”?

When this video floated into my email a couple of times, sent from people I’m reasonably sure did not know each other, I decided it must be “viral.”

The accordion is in the style Mexicans call norteño. The music got my attention, the words sounded like the perfect rebuttal to the fear-mongering I’ve heard in this election season. The images reminded me of why I’m not scared of these people, my neighbors.

I was not raised in the borderlands but I came to love them. And this video reminds me why.

As I travel around this big old world,

the one thing that I most fear,

Is a white man in a golf shirt,


with a cellphone in his ear… 

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mem's picture
Submitted by mem on
What arrogance, to want someone else to pay for the border when it was English terrorist that committed genocide and inhumane relocation of the natives that so cruelly slashed the borders across this continent in the first place. They practiced the most brutal atrocities against native Americans and tried to erase our existence from the continent by writing only European history and wiping out any signs of humanity that existed here for thousands of years. These were some very evil human beings. Natives have a history here and it does not start in the 1800s or the 1400s. Our history began eons ago and we need to find that history that they so cunningly hid and destroyed. Then tell our story so the rest of the world has full knowledge of the atrocities and crimes continually committed against natives of Americas, even today. Mexicans - ancient on this continent. More ancient than borders slashed through the continent by White terrorists. Hate toward real Americans is fear of discovery of genocide & human relocation of Natives. What else but terrorist would herd human beings away from their ancient homes & herd them like cattle to reservations, butcher those that resisted and have the arrogance to label the victims “savage.” Herd as many natives, even in cattle cars, just like Hitler, just as far into Mexico right before "they" slashed the continent with the southern border - now they want the victims to pay for it. There goes the arrogance again or is it just stupidity?

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
As the old saying goes, White men in suits have taken more from American minorities than White men with guns.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I thought this when asshole Trump first said he was going to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico - who is going to build this wall? Is Trump aware of the percentage of indigenous people on most construction crews in the SW U.S? Who is going to build this wall when they refuse, White businessmen? The KKK?