Mohegan Sun Donates to Food Center in Need


Last month, Mohegan Sun ran a Battle of the Departments Food Drive where all of the food donations go to benefit United Way’s Gemma E. Moran Labor Food Center out of New London, Connecticut. The casino collected 23,003 items of non-perishable food in just one month, to help feed community members in need.

The drive was spurred by the United Way. The tribe learned from the national nonprofit that the first few months of the New Year can be especially difficult and a time when food centers need extra help — which came in the form of 1,338 donations by Mohegan Sun's Regional Marketing team, which includes the Connecticut Sun and Sponsorship staff.

“Assisting the community is something that our Team Members are always willing to lend their time for, whether it is helping at Coogan Farm in the spring, assisting in the Tommy Toy distribution around the holidays or bringing in canned goods in the winter months. This recent effort in particular really made it about working together as departments and the participation was really amazing and something we are extremely proud of. We certainly will continue to build on creative ideas like this for such good causes in and around the region,” said Mohegan Sun’s Assistant General Manager Jeffrey Hamilton.

Virginia L. Mason, president and CEO of United Way of Southeastern Connecticut added that, “The event organized by Mohegan Sun is an innovative and fun way to get everyone engaged in meeting the needs of our community. This creative special event will certainly help keep the Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center’s shelves stocked so that we may continue serving families facing hunger through our 81 member agencies and our Mobile Food Pantry program. We are eternally thankful to our friends at Mohegan Sun and grateful for their generous donation.”

Mohegan Sun also sponsors a Mobile Food Pantry each month at Three Rivers, where team members/volunteers distribute food to 80-100 families in our local community each month and have been involved with this effort for over a year now.

For more information on the Mobile Food Pantry, Gemma E. Moran/Labor Food Center and other important causes in the region, visit:

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