Courtesy Chris Stearns
Native Americans from tribes across the United States take part in Indigenous Peoples Day as they march down Fifth Avenue in Seattle. This image shows the Women Warriors song.

Seattle Celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day [11 Images]


Yesterday, the City of Seattle celebrated Indigenous Peoples Day. As Chris Stearns said in a piece for ICTMN, the city honored “the important legacy, achievements, and culture of the original People of Seattle, of Puget Sound, and of North America.

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It was in 2014 that a group of Native American leaders, elders, youth, and activists joined forces to convince the Seattle City Council and Mayor to officially recognize Indigenous Peoples Day. The city proclaimed that the day should be used to “celebrate the thriving cultures and values of the Indigenous Peoples of our region” and to “firmly commit to continue its efforts to promote the well-being and growth of Seattle’s American Indian and indigenous community.”

A number of events were held yesterday to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day including a large public celebration near Pike Place Market, a march along Fifth Avenue, a program at City Hall featuring Native author Sherman Alexie, and a community cultural celebration at Daybreak Star Center.

Check out some images from the day’s events below:

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bullbear's picture
Submitted by bullbear on
Indigenous Peoples Day must continue to grow and grow strongly and loudly! We can no longer sit back and accept atrocities against our innocent children, women and men. 500 plus years of mistreatment, hatred, injustice and on the receiving end of a blind eye by all levels of government must cease. All the communities with Native citizens are needed to raise awareness of all these injustices. The DAPL has lit a fire and it must continue to be fed by everyone who knows our countless and truthful history. There is an awakening in our midst. Its as if all our brave warriors who died valiantly, both men and women, have returned and are telling us that it is our turn to fight for our children's and those yet to be born. I have never felt such pride and a pumped up chest everywhere I walk now. But lets not forget to smile and show respect, for we cannot always live inside a shell of anger and bitterness. Gotta love seeing those youngsters learning the songs and dances of great tribal nations.