Three of 11 Tribal Cannabis & Hemp Symposium speakers: Victor Rocha, Victor-Strategies and; Lael Echo-Hawk, Hobbs Straus Dean & Walker; Jeff Doctor, executive director of the National Indian Cannabis Coalition

Symposium to Explore Economic Opportunity of Cannabis & Hemp Production in Indian Country


The inaugural Tribal Cannabis & Hemp Symposium, November 1-2, at Tulalip Resort Casino, will address one of the most complex and potentially most profitable industries in Indian country: cannabis and hemp production.  

Presented by Victor-Strategies and, it will explore the economic opportunity for tribes and offer step-by-step production roadmaps. At least 11 keynote speakers will discuss the manifold issues regarding legalized marijuana production and sales in Indian country, explore the pros and cons of the new industry, and identify success scenarios for tribal engagement. Conversations will shed light on how cannabis policy decisions — regarding the production, sales, regulation and taxation of legal recreational and medical marijuana — will determine the level of success in Native American economies.

“The bad information being disseminated around Indian Country on cannabis and hemp is very disconcerting” said Victor Rocha, president of Victor-Strategies and editor of, the news site founded in 1998. “Reservations are being raided, consultants arrested, and tribes are losing millions of dollars in investments and working capital. At the TC&H symposium, we will separate the myth from the fact of this burgeoning industry.”

The symposium is targeted at tribal leaders, regulators, attorneys, investors, and anyone wanting to know more about the new economic opportunity for Indian country.   

Visit for more information. View the symposium schedule here and register here.

Victor-Strategies is a full-service tribal strategy, research and consulting firm that provides critical business insights for tribal economies, the gaming industry, and interactive and emerging technologies, with a particular focus on Indian country. Victor Rocha, co-founder of Victor-Strategies, is the owner and editor of, a site covering gaming and Indian country news since 1998.

The National Indian Cannabis Coalition (NICC) is sponsoring the symposium. An educational resource, the NICC provides guidance for building a self-sustaining cultivation project from seed to sale. It’s a central source for accurate information on the multi-layer process of financing, designing and constructing an effective cannabis cultivation and manufacturing enterprise. The organization also educates elected officials on the emerging regulated cannabis industry while advocating for parity on behalf of Indian country.

The Tribal Cannabis & Hemp Symposium isn’t the first major cannabis event hosted at Tulalip Resort Casino. In February 2015, the tribal casino in Tulalip, Washington, near Seattle, served as the site of the first Tribal Marijuana Conference.

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