The fate of Pe' Sla, a sacred site in the Black Hills, is still up in the air.

American Indian Tribes Make Offer on Black Hills Sacred Site

Vincent Schilling
August 28, 2012

The sacred site of Pe’ Sla, which is on part of the land that was recently pulled off the auction block for unknown reasons could be sold to tribes in South Dakota according to tribal member and District 5 Council Representative for the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in Eagle Butte, South Dakota Robin LeBeau Tatanka Agliwin (Woman Who Brings back the Buffalo). LeBeau said the tribes had until noon on Monday, August 27 to make an offer to the owners of the lands known as Reynolds Prairie. In a collective effort of several tribes, an offer was made. “So we made our offer hoping, yet not knowing if someone else was higher or lower than us.” After the offer was made, the owners responded. “What we were told today is that they came back with a counter offer to all the tribes,” said LeBeau. “This is not the work of one tribe, it is the work of many, many tribes and now we are praying. Everyone has been in prayer for many days.” The amount of the offer and counter offer has not been disclosed. LeBeau says the tribes are going to have a conference call on Tuesday, August 28 and will decide what next steps to take. While LeBeau says she is now waiting on pins and needles, she says she feels positive. She also admitted she was exhausted. “We have been coming together every day and sometimes into the wee hours of the night trying to run around the prairie and get signatures to have special council meetings so we can have official actions to take place.” She says every day for the past several weeks have been filled with conference calls that have interrupted her daily life, but was willing to let everything take a back seat for the good of indigenous people. “I'm praying,  I can't get any sleep,  all else has taken a backseat in life. The fact that we are coming together is historic. The seven council fires have come together for one mind, one purpose and one heart to save the heart of which we are—the heart of everything.” “All good things happen if you continue to pray about it and do things with a good heart,” says LeBeau. “This I must say is the greatest feeling and I get choked up thinking about this, waiting for them to tell us what the next move is.  What is going to happen we don't know.” LeBeau also spoke of the importance of sacred sites to all indigenous people. “Our elders speak of our sacred sites. Our 19th generation Calf Pipe keeper it says we have to start going with a good heart and a good mind and in prayer and start going back for sacred sites. Even if it is once in your lifetime or once a year, whatever you do—you've got to go back to the sacred sites,” she said. “To me, it is the birthplace of our ancestors, our creation story and our star knowledge. I just feel so sad for our Mother Earth because her veins have been polluted and they have dug her up. they have thrown stuff into her and now they are trying to sell her heart, her kids died for our great grandfathers, our Chief Sitting Bull and all of them died defending her for many, many years.” Related articles: Black Hills Sacred Site Auction Cancelled James Anaya Urges Consultations on Black Hills Sacred Site Chase Iron Eyes Asks For Help to Save Sacred Site Support Is Needed to Save Black Hills Sacred Site Black Hills Auction: Saving Pe’ Sla Black Hills Auction: The Auction of the Sacred


Submitted by redwolf48 on
How do you buy back what is already yours? I guess you do whatever you have to do to secure this sacred site. I hope it succeeds.

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Submitted by talyn on
I hope. I pray. If this goes as it ought to, I will have a party! If it doesn't, I will cry myself sick.

Submitted by rawblue on
Why should you have to buy Black Hills Sacred Site? Didn't it belong to the Indians in the first place?

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Submitted by gsevalikova on
You are right about it not being right to have to buy back your land,yet without land redemption like what's being written of here,that land may go to a multinational company ,who may use a private army like Blackwater Int'l to keep you out by force. There is right now, a serious attempt by the banksters aka Bilderbergs, European Royalty,etc. to control America in all facets of life,and this can be googled " Banks claim they conquered America through the financial crisis(why no one involved in the meltdown went to prison) but most are too busy looking at Kim Kardashian's butt.

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