Featured Photo: Tony Duncan, The Prodigy

Featured Photo: Tony Duncan, The Prodigy



You can catch him on the pow wow trail this season, and see him featured as one of ICTMN’s featured dancers in its 2016 Hot List as well as its first installment of 50 Faces of Indian Country.

Tony Duncan is an award-winning San Carlos Apache, Arikara, Mandan and Hidatsa hoop dancer and a lauded musician. His father taught him to play traditional flute at the age of 10. Today, he’s the lead flutist in the celebrated musical group Estun-Bah (Apache for “For the Woman”). Duncan’s performances combine traditional hoop dance and live music.

In 2013, he was named Artist of the Year at the Native American Music Awards for his musical talents and influence, and has starred in a music video with pop singer Nelly Furtado as well as a Ford commercial alongside Bret Michaels, of Poison fame.

“You have to have a set of goals. Then make the right decisions to attain those goals. I’ve always been drug and alcohol-free. I’ve never drank alcohol in my life— that’s something I am proud to say. Alcohol and drugs have always been one of those obstacles in the way of success for too many young people, Native or non-Native,” Duncan said.

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