Canadian snowboarder Spencer O'Brien will compete in the Olympic finals later today in Sochi

O’Brien Takes the ‘Men’s’ Jumps in Aim for Olympic Gold


Slopestyle snowboarder Spencer O’Brien, Haida and Kwakwakw’wakw, would like to see the “girl-sized” jumps at the Olympic games eliminated.

The reigning world champion recently told The Toronto Star she was concerned that the smaller-sized jump options on the slopestyle course were there just for women competitors.

“I would be a little bit sad, after how far we’ve come in our sport and the world of sport in general, to see us take a step backwards,” O’Brien told The Star, just before going to Sochi.

But, O’Brien also said that many of her competitors were sticking to the men’s courses, opting for the larger jump options.

“I’m really impressed to see a large majority of the women’s field stepping up to (the big jumps). They’re challenging and they’re big . . . even the small ones aren’t small,” she said.

The 26-year-old is passionate about women’s progress in the sport and talks about that passion in this video produced by CanadaSnowboard.ca.

O’Brien will compete in the Olympic finals later today in Sochi and hopes to bring home the gold for Canada.

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