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President Obama and Stephen Harper

President Obama Loses Olympics Beer Bet to Canadian Prime Minister


Two cases of cold beer are headed to 80 Wellington Street in Ontario, Canada – courtesy, President Obama.

A friendly wager, and an Olympic tradition between Mr. Obama and Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister, cost Mr. Obama the two cases after both the men’s and women’s (USA) hockey teams lost to Canada at the Olympic games in Sochi.

"For a very brief period of time, I may not feel as warm towards Canadians as I normally do, at least until those matches are over," Obama joked to Harper according to the Chicago Tribune. The men met at a leaders’ summit in Toluca, Mexico on Wednesday before both teams had played each other. But, Mr. Obama lost both bets to Mr. Harper and must pay up.

The USA women’s team suffered a heartbreaking loss to Canada on Thursday, 3-2, and the men’s hockey team also lost to Canada on Friday in a shutout, 1-0. Both Canadian teams took home gold medals. The women’s USA team took home the silver medal. The men lost to Finland, 5-0 and did not medal.

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After the Canadian women’s team victory, Harper tweeted to Obama that he was already looking forward to a cold one:

In 2010, Obama delivered a case of Molson Canadian beer to Harper after Team Canada won the men's' gold in overtime in the Vancouver Olympics, said The Tribune.

"That is a shame," White House press secretary Jay Carney commented after learning the men’s final score on Friday. "Congratulations to Canada, they certainly know their way around a hockey rink," Carney told Yahoo Sports.

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