'Elk teeth? Kiss me, you fool.'

Native Humor: Top 10 Pickup Lines


How smooth is your snagging game? When you meet that special someone at a pow wow, do you have a trusty line or two at the ready? Something that will make the object of your affection crack a smile—while signaling, unambiguously, that you've packed a snaggin' blanket with their name on it. This week, Twitter exploded with #NativeSnagLines—here are the ten best (credits follow):

Top 10 Native Snag Lines

10. You put the "wow" in pow wow.

9. I saved these elk teeth for you.

8. My uncle is the Chairman.

7. I won't steal your land, but I will steal your heart!

6. Can I tan your hide?

5. My Indian name is Throws It Down.

4. I'd cross every rez, even trade my best horse and fight all your brothers and cousins just to take you out on a date!

3. I see you're pretty decolonized, I'm pretty decolonized myself.

2. I'll take you to watch Shoni.

1. I can do more than just point with these lips.

Credits: @jcj03 (10), @FreshFryBread (9,3), @tpcreepinhumor (8), @_Native_Life (7,4), @xenzox91 (6), @Maryblueweed (5), @N8Dick (2), @Native_Hashtags (1)

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