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Flashing from a time-lapse of Arctic ice melt, to a vehicle-laden highway interchange, this short video hammers home the truth: Human activity is the main contributor to climate change.

Video: Scientists Get Into the Nut of Climate Change


The science is in, and what faces us is daunting. In this short video made to complement the climate science chapter of the Obama administration’s National Climate Assessment report released in May, the scientists speak.

“It’s very clear to us that the climate is changing, changing rapidly, and changing primarily because of human activities,” says Don Wuebbles, one of the lead authors of the assessment’s Climate Science chapter, in one of the videos made to illustrate the effects of climate change by way of illustrating the risks. “It’s not a matter of belief. The science is very clear that this is what’s happening.”

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A documentary film company called The Story Group has created several videos to accompany the chapters in the climate assessment. The one below, dealing with climate science, flashes from a time-lapse of melting Arctic ice to a spaghetti-like highway interchange crowded with cars.

Those able to spare a little more time can watch the in-depth documentary released a week ago by the People’s Climate March, which delves into the science and highlights the importance of letting world leaders know that they must become a guiding force to steer humanity away from the edge of the climate cliff.

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