Dancers, one wearing the Haudenosaunee flag and holding hoops in his hand, shake a leg for saving the planet as marchers holding anti-oil banners look on.

This Video From the People's Climate March Will Inspire You


The People's Climate March was a sight to see, and an energy to feel—Indigenous peoples and activists walking the streets of New York City with celebrities and politicians, all in the name of preserving the planet for future generations. Akwesasne artist Katsitsionni Fox edited this video from footage shot by her nephew, Karonies Thompson-Fox, adding the song "Idle No More" by Pura Fe as an extremely important soundtrack. 

If you were there, or you have friends who went, you'll see familiar faces in the crowd. Those we noticed include actress Irene Bedard, comedian/activist Dallas Goldtooth, and Onondaga Nation Chief Oren Lyons. Lyons is seen marching alongside actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Edward Norton, and Mark Ruffalo, whose celebrity helped bring more attention to the massive event.

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