Detail of the cover art for 'Moonshot,' a painting by Stephen Gladue

Good News NDN Comics Fans! 200-page Collection 'Moonshot' Is Coming Your Way


The most exciting comics project we've heard of recently is Moonshot, a 200-page collection of illustrated stories from top Indigenous talent. The book will be published by Toronto-based AH Comics and edited by Hope Nicholson.

We say "will be" because, as of yesterday, the project has met its funding goal of $54,000 (that's Canadian dollars) through a Kickstarter campaign that will keep running through January 13..

"What excites me most about this book, is the thought of more native and Inuit artists/writers being found and promoted," said Nicholson, via Twitter. 

Nicholson promises a collection that will do two pretty remarkable things in its stories. First, stereotypical Indian storylines and imagery will be avoided. Second, the tales will be based on stories from Native cultures and written with permission or cooperation from Tribal elders if necessary. Some 90% of the contributors will be Native, with the remaining portion having some expertise in Native storytelling or Native-themed comics.

Those who follow Native comics or pop culture will recognize the names Jeffrey Veregge (a rising star and ICTMN's NDN Geek), as well as Ryan Huna Smith and Jon Proudstar (the team behind Tribal Force); other notables in the roster of talent include Buffy Sainte-Marie, Richard van Camp (author of The Lesser Blessed), and Michael Sheyahshe (author of Native Americans in Comic Books). But the entire book is loaded with accomplished creators; here's the lineup so far (with credits):

Claude St-Aubin (R.E.B.E.L.S., Green Lantern, Captain Canuck)
Jeffery Veregge (G.I. Joe, Judge Dredd)
Stephen Gladue (MOONSHOT cover artist)
Haiwei Hou (Two Brothers)
Nicholas Burns (Arctic Comics, Curse of Chucky, Super Shamou)
Scott B. Henderson (Man to Man, Tales from Big Spirit)
Jon Proudstar (Tribal Force)
George Freeman (Captain Canuck, Aquaman, Batman)
Mark Shainblum (Northguard, Corum: The Bull and The Spear)
Elizabeth LaPensee (Survivance, The Nature of Snakes, Fala)
Buffy Sainte-Marie (Fire & Fleet & Candlelight, Coincidence & Likely Stories)
Richard Van Camp (Path of the Warrior, Kiss Me Deadly)
Ryan Huna Smith (Tribal Force)
David Robertson (The Evolution of Alice, Stone)
Steve Sanderson (Darkness Calls, Journey of the Healer)
Michael Yahgulanaas (RED)
Michael Sheyahshe (Native Americans in Comic Books, Dark Owl)
David Cutler (The Northern Guard)
Menton J. Matthews III (Monocyte, Memory Collectors, Three Feathers)
Jay Odjick (Kagagi: The Raven)

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