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Batman Vs. Superman’s Native Actor “Easter Egg Messages” (Minor Spoilers)

Vincent Schilling

More than a few of you undoubtedly ventured out this Easter weekend to catch the latest DC movie collective franchise of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” in theaters this weekend.

I was among those who saw the movie this weekend - and I must say I was a bit surprised to see a few Native shout-outs in it.

Minor Spoilers Ahead: (Though they won’t really affect the movie experience - I hope.)

First, the earnings so far: According to CNN Money, the movie just nabbed the record for biggest March opening weekend in box office history with an estimated $170.1 million total in North America.

The opening for the Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment film overtook the previous March record-holder, "The Hunger Games," which made $152.5 million in 2012. The estimated total for "Batman v Superman" also represents the biggest opening of 2016, the largest opening in Warner Bros. history, and the sixth-highest domestic opening weekend in box office history having made 424 million globally so far.

Native Easter Eggs / Shout-Outs:

It comes as little surprise to those who follow the DC franchise movies that Native Hawaiian Jason Mamoa as Aquaman makes a brief appearance in the film, obviously lining up his role in the Justice League, but even more surprising was a mysterious hero wearing several pieces of regalia standing next to Wonder Woman in a 1918 WWI image.

The mysterious WWI image - who is standing next to Wonder Woman with regalia?  (Warner Brothers)

The image was collected by Bruce Wayne in the movie, Batman’s alter ego of course, that attended a gala at Lexcorp - the company owned by Lex Luther.

There is no discussion as to who the hero could be, there are a plethora of Native characters DC could draw upon, such as the Apache Chief in Wonder Friends’ animated series or James Highwater to name a couple.

The actors make no reference, so we may never hear about it again, but given the nature of comic movies, there are usually reasons for making even the slightest of nuances and YouTube is filled with a ton of “Easter Egg” meaning, hidden message references

Jason Momoa, is the only person that could turn a previously sad character such as Aquaman who wore orange and green and could only summon seahorses ... cool.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman  (Warner Brothers)

I won’t mention the other heroes, as I want to leave a bit for those of you who plan to see it.

The native shoutouts are unsurprisingly slim, but I was also admittedly running on a high of just having seen Adam Beach as Slipknot in the pre-movie trailers in the upcoming DC movie “Suicide Squad.”

A Review

Native shout-outs aside, what about the movie in general? Those comic nerds out there - myself included - want to know how the Batman, (Ben Affleck) Superman (Henry Cavill) and of course Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) did on screen together.

My overall review? Meh. It was all good fun and it was great to see cars smashing through buildings, superheroes flying in the air or wearing massive plated armor as they duke it out unapologetically - however the movie left me feeling as though sometimes filmmakers really just have way too much money to throw at a project, and this was a glaring example.

There were so many holes in the plot and lackluster reasons for character choices that I was underwhelmed. Movie tickets aren’t cheap and I felt a bit of guilt in the luxuries afforded to movie-goers who spend millions of dollars to see a comic book hero movie that cost more millions to create.

Bottom-line - there was nothing at stake for these characters. I really didn’t care that they were fighting each other and that the reason they were “mad” at each other, was not much more than flimsy at best.

Lex Luthor went through an unbelievable amount of trouble to get them to fight each other when it just seems like he could have just invited them to a party and taken them out in one fell swoop.

Sure I’m probably jaded, but there wasn’t really any humanity in this movie - and when Bruce Wayne later mentions something about fighting in the potential Justice League alongside Wonder Woman at a funeral - it almost seems like the beginning of a blooper reel.

Again - the movie is good fun - but there is a lot of comic hilarity based on being preposterous rather than reality.

Should you see the movie? Sure, why not…if you love smash’em up bang‘em up fun with buildings falling all over Gotham and Metropolis but should you expect to care anything about any of these characters or their personal lives? No, not really.

So yes, it is some enjoyable fun - but you’ll most likely be laughing at the movies inability to be realistic in a world of sub-reality.

I have much higher expectations for Suicide Squad with Adam Beach as Slipknot and Jared Leto as the Joker.

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