Courtesy AMERIND Risk
Left to right, at Santa Ana Golf Club: Cyanne Lujan, NB3 Marketing Manager; Justin Kii Huenemann, NB3 CEO; Derek Valdo, AMERIND Risk CEO; Gil Vigil, NICWA Board President.

AMERIND Risk Golf Charity Event Raises Thousands


More than $3,000 will go to aid families without homeowners insurance, reducing the rates of Native American childhood obesity, and research and training for Indian child welfare with the help of AMERIND Risk.

The nation’s only 100 percent, tribally owned insurance company raised almost $10,000 during its 12th Annual Protecting Tribal Families Golf Fundraiser on April 28th.       

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AMERIND Risk hosts the annual golf charity event to raise money for families without homeowners insurance through its Family Emergency Fund, created 12 years ago to help uninsured tribal homeowners rebuild or repair after a fire, flood or other catastrophic incident. The tournament has raised more than $100,000 for numerous families in Indian country since its inception.

This year, tournament proceeds also benefited Notah Begay’s NB3 Foundation and the National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA). Begay created the foundation in 2005 to reduce Native American childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes. NICWA was created in 1983 to address child abuse and neglect through training, research, public policy and grassroots community development. The membership organization also advocates for compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act. AMERIND Risk contributed an additional $6,500 to split among the beneficiaries.

About AMERIND Risk

AMERIND Risk was founded 30 years ago by more than 400 tribes who united and pooled their resources to create AMERIND Risk to keep money within Indian Country.  AMERIND Risk provides employee benefits, and property, liability and workers compensation insurance for tribes, tribal governments, tribal businesses and individual property coverage. It is the only 100%, tribally-owned and operated insurance solutions provider in Indian Country. In May of 2016, AMERIND launched a new business line AMERIND Critical Infrastructure (ACI) which will help tribes obtain high-speed internet. To learn more about Tribes Protecting Tribes or for an insurance quote, go to

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