Hayden Layne Griffith Caney Valley Feather
On May 22, 2015 Caney Valley High School senior Hayden Griffith, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation and the Delaware Tribe, graduated without an eagle feather on her cap...
Christian Titman Clovis High School California
André Cramblit
Editor’s Note: Clovis Unified School District and attorneys for Christian Titman reached an agreement June 2, which will allow him to wear the eagle feather at graduation...
Beaded Cap Leticia Gonzales Crop
Vincent Schilling
Superintendent Barry Simpson, of the Bishop Unified School District, in California has had a change of heart about beaded graduation caps after a meeting with local tribal leaders...
Hayden Layne Griffith Caney Valley Feather
Vincent Schilling
After an Oklahoma School District told Native senior Hayden Layne Griffith that she couldn’t wear an eagle feather in her graduation cap during this month’s ceremony, the school di...
Stephanie Woodard
The Crow Creek Sioux Tribe’s chairman and casino are boycotting suppliers of goods and services in Chamberlain, South Dakota, following the refusal of the local high school to allo...
Stephanie Woodard
Crow Creek Sioux Tribe chairman Brandon Sazue is willing to drive an hour across the rolling central South Dakota grasslands that separate his reservation from Pierre, the state ca...