Amy Morris
David Bell, Hopi Okalataka, dances at the 26th Annual Cherokee County Indian Festival and Mother's Day Powwow May 9-10, 2015.

7 Images From the 26th Annual Mother’s Day Powwow and Indian Festival


Amy Morris of Cira Photography covered the 26th Annual Mother’s Day Powwow and Indian Festival held in Cherokee County, Ga. May 9-10.

The purpose of this year’s pow wow was to honor Native (and Non-Native) mothers, and to do so, the pow wow featured an honor dance for mothers on both days of the event. The pow wow was hosted by Chipa Wolfe’s Rolling Thunder Enterprises to “share Cherokee County’s rich history through entertainment, education and cultural fellowship while stimulating reverence and respect for the diversity of our great country.”

The pow wow also benefited My Brother’s Keeper Wildlife Rescue, Horse Rescue, Relief and Retirement Fun, Inc., and Enjoy!

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