A recent lawsuit victory by two of Jim Thorpe's sons could open the door to his remains being removed from Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, and moved to Sac & Fox land in Oklahoma to be reburied.

Editorial: Final Forfeit: Jim Thorpe Suit May End Up Burying His Fame


On the heels of news that Jim Thorpe, Pennyslvania, will appeal a federal court ruling against the borough in the suit concerning its namesake's remains, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has penned an editorial on the issue.

The Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act "has been important in protecting Native American graves from desecration, but it hardly seems to fit this case and the ruling is being appealed. Jim Thorpe was never buried in Oklahoma. His burial in the town that bears his name was meant to honor him, even as it brought attention to the community. ... if his remains are moved, posterity may decide that Jim Thorpe's fame, already fading, may be also interred -- and that's lamentable."

Read the entire editorial "Final Forfeit: The Jim Thorpe Suit May End Up Burying His Fame" by clicking here. ICTMN would love to hear from readers regarding the Jim Thorpe lawsuit, which could have major implications for other cases across the U.S., and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's take on it. Please share your thoughts by commenting below.

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