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Stay classy, Rush.

Rush Limbaugh: Only PC Jerks Offended by Redskins Logo


During his radio program Monday afternoon, Rush Limbaugh somehow got on the polarizing subject of the Washington Redskins name. And he went on a four-plus-minute rant defending the Pigskins name, which isn't terribly surprising. Here's a taste of his remarks.

“So these change advocates [i.e. those who are urging Dan Snyder to change the offensive name of his D.C. NFL team] are nothing but a bunch of liberals who are, in truth, seeking to empower the federal government with more power over everybody [ed's note: sound familiar?] ... Well, the fact of the matter is, our society is NOT that offended by it, and DOESN’T think that it’s that big a deal, as evidenced by Redskins sell-outs and high TV ratings. So the advocates, the people who don’t like the Redskins names are just a bunch of PC jerks." [Emphasis is Limbaugh's]

To listen to the entire broadcast, see the clip below. Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post's DC Sports Bog [sic!] has thoughtfully transcribed Rush's rant, which you can read here. Oh, and if you're wondering if the quote in the "thought" bubble was actually said by Rush, well, it was. Click here for nine more of the dumbest things he's ever said.



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Submitted by curtj on
This coming from a drug addict? Limbaugh is of the current stripe of so called sensationalizing bigots who like to think of themselves as journalists instead of the political pundits they are. These are of the corporate owned news media who in America is owned by the neo conservatives pushing their New World Order idealogy of corporations owning America, the people, water and food. The neo conservatives already own whole governments, including America where bribery is required in order to get legislation passed or work to be done. The Republicans and their Democratic co-conspirators make no bones about having corporate lobbyests write the rules and regulatory bills which deregulates their employers. Their agenda is world domination to steal every ounce of minerals and the lands for their colonization. American taxpayers spend trillions at the hands of their politicians, to invade countries, to manipulate assassinations and coups to destabilize governments, to allow America to set up, and prop up, despot 2 bit murderous dictators of Idi Amins ilk, bribed to subjugate their people with intimidation, terror, kidnappings, rape and murder, to allow the multinational oil, energy and mining conglomerates to set up camp and proceed to dig up, or pump up, that countries particular minerals and natural resources, with the profits going only to the conglomerates and their bribed dictators. It is big business, the policies of colonialism, theft of countries resources and murdering the local populations to get the resources. The terrorist attacks these corporate owned news media scream about are the result of people being incensed at seeing their people intimidated and murdered just so foreigners and local despots could profit with none of the profits going to the local populations or their infrastructure. So actually, American resources and taxpayer money goes to invading countries to profit white collar thieves and murderers. And since our politicians, judges and staff in all three branches of our government have personal, professional and investment relationships with the neo conservative owned oil energy and mining conglomerates who are profiting off these policies of colonialism with its theft and murder, our political prostitutes are as guilty of theft and murder as the ones doing the bombing and shooting. America and Americans have no ethics, morality, or legal standing to allow the policies of theft and murder to be committed in their name. The military industrial complex and the oil, energy and mining conglomerates and their bribed US government figures get the million and billion dollar profits and Americans get the trillion dollar bill and the resulting terrorist attacks. There's something wrong with the so called Indigenous leaders when they refuse to even mention the policies of colonialism are nothing but theft and murder, and to compare what happened, and is currently happening to the Indigenous here and in foreign countries. Our leaders absolutely refuse to even mention it. Why? Because they are uneducated to the history of this country? Or just plain stupid? Or just as corrupt as the neo conservatives?