Six Nations Chiefs Win Mann Cup; Receive Congratulations


TORONTO, ONTARIO — Ontario Regional Chief Stan Beardy congratulates the players and coaches of the Six Nations Chiefs lacrosse team on winning the best-of-seven Canadian senior championship four games to two this Saturday in Six Nations.

“This a great victory for the Six Nation lacrosse community who have worked hard all year long and take enormous pride in this sport and have come out on top,” Regional Chief Beardy said. “This is not only a victory for them but for all First Nations people who dare to dream big.”

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Lacrosee fans packed the Six Nations of the Grand River Iroquois Lacrosse Arena on Saturday to witness history as the Chiefs defeated Victoria 9-4 to win the best-of-seven Canadian senior championship four games to two in the first final ever played on First Nations lands.

Six Nations Nations Chief Ava Hill said, “This is truly historic for not only the community of Six Nations but for all of the Haudenosaunee who play the Creator's Game. We have four teams who have won all of the Ontario Championships and three who have won the National Championships. This is quite an accomplishment and we are all proud of the teams and the community who stood in support of the players and the coaches all year long.”

Here is a recap of the games:

Sept. 5: Six Nations 7, Victoria 4

Sept. 6: Victoria 6, Six Nations 5

Sept. 8: Victoria 12, Six Nations 11

Sept. 9: Six Nations 12, Victoria 6

Sept. 10: Six Nations 8, Victoria 6

Sept. 12: Six Nations 9, Victoria 4



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