Omaha Nation High School

Projectile Thrown at Omaha Nation School Bus


A low velocity projectile hit a school bus in Omaha, Nebraska and the local tribal council says its students faced an “act of terrorism.”

Students from Omaha Nation High School were returning home after a football game against Pender High School when the incident occurred.

“He [her son] heard something hit the bus, and it sounded like glass breaking,” Leandra Oftedal, a parent of one of the children, told KTEV-TV. Oftedal also said that it was upsetting to hear about the incident.

“The Omaha Tribe is deeply concerned for the safety of our tribal members,” Vernon Miller of the Omaha Tribal Council told KTEV-TV.

Members are so concerned that they’ve asked the Nebraska Schools Activities Association to excuse Omaha Nation and Walthill from playing future games against Pender.

Miller and other tribal council members say that a dispute — which is currently under appeal — over whether Pender is on tribal land could be the reason that the act was committed. But, that is only speculation, Miller said.

Rhonda Blanford-Green, the executive director of the Nebraska School Activities Association said officials found “no violations between the schools themselves or the players of any racial intimidation or violence,” KTEV reported.

All three schools will meet to discuss the issue.


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