Native-language candy hearts by Oyate Graffix (see below for full image and link).

Native Humor: 10 Can't Miss Native Valentine's Day Gifts


What are you giving your special someone this Valentine's Day? Remember, it doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to show you care.

It doesn't have to be a pimped-out beaded bingo marker—although a pimped-out bingo marker is a pretty sweet gift.

10. Heart-shaped frybread:

9. His and hers Shoni Schimmel basketball gear:

8. New ponytail holders—extra thick:

7. Native candy hearts (image courtesy Oyate Graffix):

6. Fully filled-out snag application, with all the right answers:

5. Tattooing over the ex's name so your current lover knows you're serious:

4. A special story about falling in love, like this one from comedian Adrianne Chalepah:

3. Sexy reading material (they made a movie about this book, you know):

2. Pimped out bingo marker cozy:

1. Heart. You can give your own, figuratively speaking—or the real thing, from a moose. Preferably obtained, prepared and served by Martin Sensmeier:

Note: Some of these were inspired by the #NativeValentinesDayGifts hashtag on twitter. Credits: @RezHousewives (10), @unsuperjay (9), @_Native_Life (8), @OnTheRedRoad (5), @AdrianneComedy (4)

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