ICTMN and Proud


It’s good to be Indian Country Today Media Network. We live in times defined by a rapidly changing media environment, with companies dedicated to alternative viewpoints closing shop or desperately seeking a passionate audience. Indian Country Today has evolved and adapted while enjoying the encouragement of a strong readership. Thanks to you, ICTMN continues to be a leader in covering essential issues in Indian country and elevating the voices of its savviest writers. We put resources into stories that are relevant and substantial despite the clutter and clamor of an increasing number of outlets that profess to offer more choice but that are sadly less insightful.

ICTMN thrives on the spirit of collaboration. It is the single greatest source of news and information coming out of Indian country. It is a Native multimedia platform owned by a Native company. At every level of its structure for news generation, from Publisher to lead editors to assigning editors, to contract writers and correspondents and freelance reporters, it is principally Native. ICTMN finances the work of more than 50 people a month, writers and photographers in every corner of Turtle Island. We field the largest number of Native writers, thinkers and activists—by far—than any other media outlet. The proof is in the stories we publish, the bylines you see, and the perspective that has growing influence on mainstream audiences and media.

There are many voices here—strong, independent, thoughtful, loud. As diverse as our contributors are (representing the many nations of Turtle Island), they share in common the idea that the Indian side of the story must be heard. They have been recognized for it, and in the past five years have earned dozens of Native American Journalism Awards, two Richard LaCourse awards (both bestowed on Native women), Clarion Awards from the Women in Media Group, and a national award from the Society of Professional Journalists (for Marty Two Bulls). When good things are said about ICTMN, it is because of the work of these colleagues. In the coming days and weeks ahead, we will be showcasing many of the people who are not in this media game for recognition, but because they believe in the mission of this Native company—not a nameless, faceless corporate giant.

We also want to thank our audience for the tremendous support we receive from Indian country. We are not immune to criticism and continually strive to find ways to better serve our audience. We do not expect rave reviews all the time, nor can we control what is shared by others outside our platforms. But it is wrong when dissonant voices strive to be heard by playing into the hands of Indian-fighting, mascot-loving people by repeating a set of comical lies about ICTMN staff, and the Nation that has so heavily invested in having Native voices heard. The logical extension of those whispers denigrates every Native editor and writer at this company. It is a tautological fallacy, refuted each and every time we post a new story.

We are proud of our hardworking team of writers, editors, photographers and many contributors who cover Native peoples worldwide, and are always looking to grow our team. We continue to publish special issues of our magazine, and invite you to subscribe to our free weekly digital periodical. We will continue to commit ourselves to the most pressing stories, and dedicate ourselves to earning your trust and respect every day.

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