Christopher Cauble/YouTube
Moonlight as bright as the sun: Whether the moon is seen in this video or not, its light is manifest.

Video: Silvery Moonlight Caresses Yellowstone in Time-Lapse Wonder


Yellowstone National Park gets press for all kinds of reasons. Its bison are routinely slaughtered for wandering outside its northern boundary. The Russians—at least one of them—want to shoot nukes at it so as to disable the United States. And some folks would have us believe that the place is about to explode without any help.

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For this stunning time-lapse video of Yellowstone in the moonlight, wildlife and landscape photographer Christopher Cauble got back to basics. He spent several years photographing the moonlit vistas of Yellowstone National Park, one of the Montana-based photographer’s specialties, and creating time lapse videos.

“I spent many nights alone in the wilderness capturing these images,” he writes in his YouTube commentary. “Although unsettling at times, the experience was incredibly profound and one could even say life changing.”

It would seem impossible to make a video of Yellowstone that was not awe-inspiring, as evidenced by previous efforts. Yellowstone by day is just as captivating.

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But under the silvery moonlight, the place takes on a different character entirely.

“Yellowstone is an extreme and dynamic environment; at times I could be watching a geyser erupt under a full moon and at the same time hear wolves howling in the distance,” noted Cauble. “I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to witness this beautiful and unique place under these circumstances. The following video is my attempt to share these experiences with the world. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching!”

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