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Obsessive beading and love of beaded items is usually a sign of Nativeness. Pictured: Beaded University of Oklahoma swag by Maka Earth Terra Designs, see more at

Native Humor: 10 MORE Signs You May Be Native


Once again, we're looking at those traits and habits that are particular to Native Americans—as submitted by real Native Americans on Twitter, using the hashtag #YouMayBeNativeIf. How many of these apply to you (or a blood relative)? If it's, hmm, two or more, well—you may be Native. We are hoping this information does not come as a surprise to you.

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Thanks, as always, to the clever folks who came up with these; their Twitter handles follow the list.

10 MORE Signs You May Be Native

10. #YouMayBeNativeIf you're 28 and still scared of your mom

9. #YouMaybeNativeIf you own one or more everyday items covered in beads (and use them regularly).

8. #YouMayBeNativeIf you found your love while on the powwow trail.

7. #YouMayNeNativeIf you run a black market commod cheese network.

6. #YouMayBeNativeIf you have an English name and a Native name and a rez name

5. #YouMayBeNativeIf you don't know what breed your dog is. Like, no clue.

4. #YouMayBeNativeIf you always corrected your history teachers in class, but barely passed the course with a D+.

3. #YouMayBeNativeIf someone asks you where you're from and you answer with your Tribe, not your city.

2. #YouMayBeNativeIf all your kids' names start with the same letter.

1. #YouMayBeNativeIf you're a fast runner from all those nights you ran home after dark on the rez and felt like someone—or something—was chasing you.

Credits: @_Native_Life (10, 8, 5), @hell_on_wheelz (9), @Badponymedicine (7), @GWLeah (6, 3), @unsuperjay (4), @YthoftheN8tion (2), @santarosahawks (1)

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11. If you take a second look at road kill--might mean some feathers, might mean some fur, might mean some stew.

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