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Swordfish Skewers, Kills Fisherman After Broadbill Jabs His Chest


A fisherman in Hawaii was killed over the weekend after a 3-foot, broadbill swordfish punctured his chest as he tried to spear it.

An experienced fisherman and charter boat captain, Randy Llanes, 47, speared the fish from his boat, but had trouble bringing it in so he jumped into the water with his speargun to capture the 40-pound swordfish, according to a witness from the Department of Land and Natural Resources in Hawaii. The fish’s bill was about three-feet long, the department said.

"The fish got wrapped around a mooring anchor, came back and swam at [Llanes]," Sergeant David Matsushima of the Hawaii Island Police told KHON News. Police say Llanes was punctured in his upper-right torso. “All we know is, next thing they know, the man is seen floating,” West Hawaii Acting Battalion Chief John Whitman told reporters, an Associated Press report said.

Firefighters were called to the scene and attempted CPR; Llanes was taken to the Kona Community Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

“They are very aggressive animals,” Whitman told the AP. “If you mess with them they defend themselves pretty good.”

Llanes, born and raised in Hawaii, was fishing in the Honokohau Harbor in Kailua-Kona when the accident occurred. "Randy has been fishing all his life," Dale Leverone, Llanes’s friend, told KHON on May 29. "He's a pretty accomplished fisherman. He actually caught a 500-pound marlin yesterday out of his skiff."

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“He was a good captain. He was a good family man, a provider for all our cousins, all our family,” said Bomboy Llanes, his cousin. “Randy would do anything for you. He would take his shirt off his back for you. He was an excellent guy.”


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