This image of another variation on sweet potato soup is from, which provides 8-ingredient vegan recipes.

It’s Nearly Thanksgiving: Try One of These 6 Recipes From the College Fund


The American Indian College Fund is featuring six Native recipes to help families prepare for a wonderful family dinner, whether it’s for Thanksgiving or any time.

Celebrate tradition and stay healthy with this vegan soup:

If you’re cooking salmon, these potato cakes are a perfect complement:

This tasty vegetable dish can be a light lunch, served with tortillas and cheese, or used as a side dish with your favorite Southwestern meal:

Clay Oden’s lean, hearty meatloaf is wonderful with a side of mashed potatoes, sweet potato fries, or just sliced up and served on bread:

Warm, multigrain muffins are a wonderful way to start the day, and blue corn is a staple among Southwestern Pueblos. Add some butter and preserves for a decadent breakfast:

Want a hearty vegetarian meal with some kick? This delicious posole, a traditional dish among the Southwestern Pueblo peoples, is spicy and satisfying:

Check out the educational pieces the College fund is featuring for Native American Heritage Month below:

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