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Craftiness with a Blue Bird flour bag is a sign of snaggability. The Blue Bird flour bag shirt pictured here is by Lizard Light Productions, visit for more information.

Native Humor: 10 MORE Reasons to Snag That Special Someone


Ah, hindsight—as someone once said, it's the comb that mother nature gives you after you've gone bald. Last weekend was Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque, and if we know our GON traditions we can assume that (when you weren't dissecting the Adam Sandler situation) there was some snagging going on. 

So, snaggers, what were your criteria? If you snagged, did you snag the right person? Did you go into the weekend with any guidelines, rules, or ideas at all? 

It's important to know what you want in a snag. So important, in fact, that you might even want to make a list. A "top 10" list, even. This is the sequel to our previous post about the #SnagThemIf Twitter hashtag, and we're indebted to the contributors whose Twitter handles follow the list:

10 MORE Reasons to Snag That Special Someone

10. #SnagThemIf they smudge you & don't judge you. 

9. #SnagThemIf they help you grab a plate for one of your grandmas at chow line. 

8. #SnagThemIf she can shoot like @schimmel23

7. #SnagThemIf they play that sundance jam when you pass them the AUX cord.

6. #SnagThemIf they win the "rez car" award in the powwow parade. 

5. #SnagThemIf you didn't have to do anything crazy like offer your two best horses and sheep to take them out. 

4. #SnagThemIf they're done with contest and you KNOW they stopped on time during that trick song. 

3. #SnagThemIf they set up camp & take down camp. 

2. #snagthemif they can turn a Blue Bird flour bag into a purse or an apron. 

1. #SnagThemIf their hickies are 50 shades of red. 

Credits: @SpaceBo0ts (10), @SadieRedWang (9, 7), @rainmanmnx33 (8), @chlotobe (6), @__AaronJ__ (5), @coltonsierratv (4), @Native_Hashtags (3), @nativevalleygrl (2), @_Native_Life (1)

The Blue Bird flour bag shirt pictured at the top of this post was made by Lizard Light Productions; reach them through if you're interested in buying one.

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